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Experience the Black Forest with Schwarzwald-Plus

There are so many possibilities of how to organize your vacation with us so we are only able to provide a short overview, regardless of whether you just want to take it easy, or if you want to be athletically active with your family/friends or if you just simply want to enjoy nature.

There is a lot to experience with us in the Black Forest!

We would like for you to not only feel at home at our vacation house, we want you to feel really well during your entire stay. We offer you with Schwarzwald-Plus Card a master key to an eventful holiday.

Logo Schwarzwald Plus mit Herz

Everything is already well prepared for you. At your arrival you will receive your personal nontransferable Schwarzwald-Plus card which enables you to enjoy more than 80 holiday experiences. And this without long queues and at no additional charge – enjoy this great experience!

The description will inform you about using the offered services during their operating times. This can be a free admission, a free of charge event, a guided tour or a free ride.

You can find an overview of all attractions at You will also learn how frequently per vacation day you may use these benefits. For example, you may visit a castle only once per day while you may ride the mountain railway as often as you like.

For each night of your stay you receive one day to use the Schwarzwald-Plus Card.  In regards of using the Card on your arrival or departure day, you may use it either on the day when you check in or on the day of departure.

Tips for your Vacation – At our Place there are a lot of Possibilities!


The holiday house "Trollblume" in Freudenstadt-Wittlensweiler is located directly at the Westweg and at the edge of the Black Forest National Park. From here you have so many possibilities to discover the entire diversity of the Black Forest.

  • Black Forest National Park
  • Alternative Wolf and Bear Park
  • Nature Reserve Wittlensweiler
  • Treetop Walk Wildbad
  • Lothar Path at the "Schwarzwaldhochstrasse" (Black Forest High Road)
  • Burgbach Waterfall at Bad Rippoldsau-Schapbach
  • Beautiful bike and walking tours
  • Themed trail and adventure path all around Freudenstadt

For perks see Schwarzwald-Plus-Karte

  • Adventure golf in Freudenstadt
  • Pedal- and rowing boat rental at the Mummelsee
  • Experimenta in Freudenstadt
  • "Schwarzwaldidylle" in Baiersbronn
  • Go-Kart racing fun in Sulz
  • Horse riding at the riding facilities of the "Schwarzwälder Reitverein" (Black Forest Horse Riding Club)

For perks see Schwarzwald-Plus-Karte

  • Golfclub Freudenstadt
  • Golfclub Alpirsbach
  • More Golf Clubs
    are in Baden-Baden, Bondorf, Starzach-Sulzau

For perks see Schwarzwald-Plus-Karte

  • Tennis course in Baiersbronn
  • Paragliding
  • All-year-round bobsleigh run at the Mehliskopf
  • Paragliding at Sport Frey
  • Mountain bike route in Freudenstadt
  • Soccer field
  • Tennis court in Wittlensweiler
  • Tennis court in Freudenstadt
  • Archery at the BSC in Freudenstadt

For perks see Schwarzwald-Plus-Karte

  • Panorama Bath and outdoor pool in Freudenstadt
  • Vital thermal bath in Bad Wildbad
  • Indoor pool Wittlensweiler (Adjustable floor)
  • "Silbersee" (Silverlake) in Reinerzau (Outdoor)
  • Nagoldsperre
    Outdoor swimming, sailing and surfing
  • Water treading facility in Wittlensweiler

For perks see Schwarzwald-Plus-Karte

  • Dorotheenhütte – Glasblowing Art and Museum in Wolfach
  • Hohenzollern Castle
  • Unimog-Museum in Gaggenau
  • Festival Theater in Baden Baden
  • Black Forest Music Festival
  • Concerts at the Alpirsbach Cloister
  • Summer Theater in Freudensstadt
  • Rudert Festival in Freudenstadt
  • Culture at the Dobel in Freudenstadt
  • Theater, events and festivals in Freudenstadt

For perks see Schwarzwald-Plus-Karte

  • Alpirsbacher Brauwelt
  • Smoked Meat Specialties Pfau in Herzogsweiler
  • Earthy hospitality at the mill at Waldachtal (Uriger Mühlenabend)
  • Black Forest Cherry Cake Seminar in Freudenstadt
  • Black Forest Distillery Kalmbach in Baiersbronn
  • Alde Gott Winzer Schwarzwald in Sasbachwalden (

For perks see Schwarzwald-Plus-Karte

  • Ice skating rink Baiersbronn
  • All year round bobsleigh run at the Mehliskopf
  • Nachtloipe at the Kniebis
    (Lighted night–time cross country route)
  • Ski lift Stockinger in Freudenstadt
  • Ski lift Kniebis
  • Ski lifts along the Schwarzwaldhochstrasse
  • Wide cross-country skiing trail network
  • Large sledge track at the Kniebis

For perks see Schwarzwald-Plus-Karte